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Today a contract on reconstruction and upgrade of facilities for waste water treatment in Gradacac was signed, which officially started implementation of the project of water supply of the southern part of the municipality of Gradacac. It is a priority project that addresses one of the crucial problems of the municipality Gradacac. Implementation of this project will ensure drinking water supply for the new 20,000 inhabitants, make reconstruction of the existing city network, expansion of the sewerage network and rebuild the main plant for waste water treatment. The Mayor MA Edis Dervisagic expressed his satisfaction at the beginning of the project, which is the most important infrastructure project in the municipality of Gradacac in the last four decades. This project creates more favorable conditions of life and development of the economy in the municipality. The contract between the Municipality of Gradacac, contractors Dzena Ltd. and supervisory authorities IPSA Institute Ltd. Sarajevo was signed. Construction works are 950.000 BAM worth. The phase of filter reconstruction started with this contract and the equipment was ensured and conveyed by the Government of the Czech Republic. The entire water supply project, the reconstruction of existing networks and facilities for wastewater treatment is valued at 18 million BAM The works will start these days so that the plant can be operational this year. After the completion and commissioning of the plant all the collected wastewater will be treated in accordance with EU standards, which will lead to a significant reduction in pollution.