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As part of joint effort of Development bank of FBiH and Association of employers of BiH, representatives of Development bank of FBiH and Association of employers of Tuzla canton presented operation of Development bank, its goals and visions for future period, as well as new loan products.

Municipal mayor Dervisagic Edis mr.sci. addressed and greeted present businessmen and residents and thanked them for attendance. Also, he pointed out that, throughout future projects, it is possible to establish cooperation between Gradacac municipality businessmen and Development bank of FBiH.

During the presentation, attendees were informed on the models and types of loan financing, types of help related to business plans and investment projects, and required documentation to be submitted when applying for the loan, in order to be able to have insight to best conditions for obtaining loan funds for development goals, aiming at new investments and more employment in Gradacac municipality.

One of conclusions is that joint effort is required to strengthen confidence and establish new and more efficient cooperation between bank, municipality and businessmen in Gradacac municipality.