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Investirajte u Gradačac!
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Yesterday there was a working meeting of representatives of UNDP, the Association of Employers of the municipality Gradacac and the municipality of Gradacac. The reason for the meeting was the establishment of the Centre for training and retraining of the workforce in the municipality of Gradacac. As part of the future project is retraining and employment planned for a certain number of workers in various sectors of the economy and reducing the number of unemployed people in Gradacac. Participants of the training will have an opportunity to learn about the various occupations in practice and theory .This teaching will include teaching young and adult people who want to adopt new and additional capabilities to become more competitive in the labor market. Present entrepreneurs have positively assessed the project and supported it because it will ultimately facilitate the search for high-quality and educated workforce. Gradačac municipality and UNDP also support this idea in technical- financial terms and hope that this project will fully succeed in the municipality of Gradacac.