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Public enterprises and institutions

Public institutions

Public institution Center for Culture „Ahmed Muradbegović“

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Public institution Kindergarten „Kolibri“ Gradacac

Public institution Kindergarten „Kolibri“ Gradacac transacts business within the scope of pre-school education according to the Curriculum of educational work ,"The full development program for preschool education", in order to ensure all conditions for optimal physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for the youngest population.

The activities of the institution are based on the Law on pre-school education, pedagogical standards and norms for preschool care and education and the Rules on the content and keeping pedagogical documentation and records.

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Public institution Library ''Alija Isakovic'' Gradacac

The organization and operation of the Public Institution Library ''Alija Isakovic" Gradacac are regulated by the Law on Institutions and the Law on Libraries. Library activities include planned, organized and systematic collecting, professional processing and storage, transmission and presentation of library materials, making the correction of data and other products and services with added value for customers, providing general library materials, collection of information on this subject as well as mandatory delivery of printed materials. Secondary activitiy of the institution is publishing. The institution is organized as a single business unit within which 7 internal organizational units operate: Department of mobile libraries (Bibliobus), Department of Library based in PHI "Ilidza" Gradačac, Department for Children, Department for Blind and Visually Impaired, Department for Adults, Reading room for foreign languages and Regional collection.

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Public Institution Center for Social Work

Public Institution Center for Social Work was established in 1964 and represents the central institution of social and child protection in the local community. The activity of the Institution, which is of special public interest, as part of the overall social policy ,is aimed at ensuring social safety of citizens and their families, who find themselves in need.

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Public health institutions

Public Health Institution Health Center Gradacac

Public Health Institution Health Center Gradacac is registered to transact business of the hospital, General medical practice activities ,Specialist medical practice, dental practice activities, other human health activities, production of medical and dental instruments and equipment.

Health care, in accordance with the Law on health care, provides organized health care through the work of health workers and associates. In the Health Center Gradacac healthcare is provided to persons who are residents of the municipality of Gradacac.

The strategic objectives of development of the Health Center Gradacac are: the transformation of the organization that will provide comprehensive primary health care services with emphasis on continuity of care, improve access to health care, improve the quality of health care provided at the health center, to achieve quality management in health care, to promote public health and the health care system.

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Public Institution Pharmacy Gradacac

Public Institution Pharmacy Gradacac is a health institution that ensures the supply and development of medicines to people, to health institutions and other legal entities, as well as to health care professionals who do a private practice. Provision of medicines means medicines retail that is being done in pharmacies, branches and depots of pharmacies and includes procurement, storage and issuing of medicines with and without a prescription, as well as the development and testing and issuing of main preparations of proven quality.

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Public Health Institution  Center for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Spa Treatment "Ilidza" Gradacac

Public Health Institution Center for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Spa Treatment "Ilidza" Gradacac is a health facility where preventive health care, specialist and hospital rehabilitation has been transacted. The institution provides services similar to hospitals and hotels and provides similar accommodation, all in accordance with the Institutions Act, the Health Care Act, the Health Insurance Law and the Law on Tourism and Hospitality.

The institution has an accommodation capacity of 151 beds (3 single rooms, 27 double, 30 triple and 1 suite). The institution has indoor swimming pool - 28,3x28,15 m. There are two types of pools: hydrotherapeutic pool and recreational pool.

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