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About Gradacac

Municipality of Gradacac is situated in the north eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Administratively it belongs to Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,Tuzla canton. The municipality area covers 218 square kilometers and it is situated at an altitude of 129 meters,which is very favourable from the point of development of agricultural production, industry,construction and maintenance of roads and other systems of communal infrastructure.
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Municipality of Gradacac

Municipality of Gradacac is a unit of local government with the rights and obligations established by the Constitution and law.
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Public enterprises and institutions

Municipality of Gradacac is founder of 4 public enterprises: Public enterprise ''Komunalac, Public enterprise ''Veterinarska stanica Gradacac'', Public institution ''Parkinzi'', Public institution for investment and current maintenance of common parts of buildings,flats and business premisess Ltd Gradacac.
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Why invest in Gradacac?

A community of educated, innovative, eco-friendly, safe and equal citizens,who cherish the tradition and promote new values and opportunities and build the foundation for responsible partnership in the development of northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina with their developed entrepreneurial spirit and advanced social-business infrastructure.
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Address and contact

Grad Gradačac

H. K. Gradaščevića 54